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Haggis - not just for Burns’ Night!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

By Lea Harris

On various travels I discovered there are several versions of haggis. Admittedly, it may be a bit tenuous, but what I can say is, that apart from the grain, all the grisly, offally bits from a sheep are used similarly. What we call haggis, the Hungarians call hurka (made from pork, not lamb and with rice not oatmeal), and a trip to Dubai saw me eating something similar. The menu described it as ‘lamb guts, rice, spices and lamb’ … mmmm … tasty; heavy on nutmeg and white pepper, served with lemon wedges, and despite the revolting description, it was bloody good.

Friends in the States tell me they can’t get hold of haggis. There have even been rumours of the wee beastie being smuggled across the Canadian border.

I’ve even had an Ozzie pal asking for a recipe for making our traditional staple. Think she was a bit surprised by the ingredients required.

Our national dish is sort-out across the globe, not just for a Burns’ supper but as an everyday dish, used in lasagne, fajitas, sausage rolls, scones and my personal favourite – haggis and cheese toastie. And it isn’t a full Scottish if it isn’t included!

Haggis, Neep and Tattie Griddle Scones

5oz/140g each of haggis, tatties and neeps (leftovers are fine)

4oz/125g self-raising flour

1 medium egg, beaten



  • Dump haggis, tatties, neeps and flour together in a bowl.

  • Stir or use your hands to mix everything together.

  • Add the egg and squish to combine.

  • Plop onto a floured work surface, knead briefly and either pat out to desired thickness or roll thinly.

  • Heat a heavy-based frying pan or griddle until hot.

  • Smear oil over the surface and ease mix onto it.

  • Depending on thickness, turn over after a couple of minutes if thin or about five if thick.

Serve with whatever you fancy; I like them with poached eggs and hollandaise.

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