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Dishoom - power breakfast

Updated: May 28, 2020

By Sharon Wilson

Dishoom in St Andrews Square is inspired by the Irani cafes set up by Zoroastrian (pre-Islamic) immigrants in nineteenth century Bombay.

The cafes became a social melting pot bringing together people from all social castes and professions.

What better place for the hotchpotch of characters that comprises the Bite team to meet for a greedy power breakfast.

Dishoom spreads over three levels and Mrs Bite is slightly surprised just how busy it is at 10am on a Friday morning. The ground-level pass is piled with silver trays of poppadoms while the second floor is buzzing with early morning diners.

I order Monsoon Catuai Coffee, a quality cup of Joe made from Arabica beans. DJ Donny Hughes is sipping fresh OJ and photographer Simone has English Breakfast Tea.

Copywriter and South African Kirsty said: “My Bacon Naan (the Indian street food take on a good old bacon roll) with tomato chilli jam was a great introduction to Dishoom AND there's a double bacon version if you want to level up. I do want to try Donny's choice of bacon and egg naan next and the dirty chai latte Lea decided on. “

Donny said the naan was delicious and that “he’d be back!”

Lea writes Bite's What’s in Season column and said of her breakfast: “Slightly miffed that the chicken livers are no longer on the menu as a main breakfast dish, but I could still get my fix of the cheeky temptresses in the Keema Per Eedu – saffron-coloured runny-yolked fried eggs that hides a taste bud tingling mix of spiky chicken mince and livers. The sali crisp-chips (chipstix but better) add a crunchy texture.”

Australian fitness instructor Tracy arrived by bike in true Parsi style and had the Bun Maska – a sweet brioche bun slathered in butter which is dipped in one’s Chai; pineapple and Pink Peppercorn Jam were to the side.

Meanwhile Simone and I tucked into thrice-stacked, lightly-frilled Pancakes with creamy shrikhand, fresh berries, toasted coconut flakes and jaggery syrup and then we had the bare-faced cheek to pinch some of Tracy's jam. I loved the shrikhand which is creamy, fresh curd.

A hundred thousand thanks to Dishoom for the invite.

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