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Stack and Still

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

The Rose Street Restaurant
Stack and Still

The Stack and Still Pancake restaurant has a relaxed, family-friendly and youthful vibe with separate, more secluded, raised areas. We were greeted by friendly waiters who showed us to our table.

Décor is cosy but contemporary with a classy, diner feel, neutral toned walls, rustic wood details and chandeliers providing a glitzy contrast. There are also neon bar poles dotted around the room which will appeal to the younger clientele.

The menu shows several different pancake types ranging from buttermilk, buckwheat through to gluten-free options with lists of savoury and sweet toppings. There is a wide choice from traditional Lorne Sausage to chicken tikka. Sweet toppings include ice creams, fruit (fresh and roasted) and chocolate and dessert options like Biscoff and Nutella. You can order a single pancake or a stack of two or three and can build your own if none of the meal options appeal. There are also sides like halloumi and dirty fries.

I chose “Chipotle Pulled Pork Stack” because I wanted something savoury and flavourful and it did not disappoint. The meat was tender, and creamy fresh avocado and zingy spice created a tasty contrast.


Drinks took some time to arrive. Presentation of the milkshake was fun. A mini pancake sat on the top of the glass alongside colourful skittles and rainbow lace but seemed a little incongruous in the setting, and more at home in an amusement park. Such excessive decoration promised full-on flavour but this didn’t materialize and was a little too thick and filling. An expanded shake and smoothie range would extend the currently limited options which are perhaps overly sweet for modern tastes.

Food was well presented and appealing however sauces might be better served separately. My two-pancake stack was very satisfying but almost too much. But maybe that’s just me ! I would recommend putting the main topping between the two pancakes and then the remainder on top as current presentation meant it all seemed to merge a bit.

This restaurant has a variety of savoury and sweet options, but only a couple for vegans. However, generally I found the menu very inclusive for people with gluten intolerance and for vegetarians.

Overall, our visit to Stack and Still was a pleasurable experience. I was very satisfied with the meal, service and decor. I would recommend it to friends who enjoy pancakes but are open to experimenting with new and unusual toppings. It is also a great space for brunch, celebrations and generally hanging out with friends and is good value for money.

Pancakes at Stack and Still
Pulled Pork Stack

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