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Tasty delivery service launches

Sharon Wilson

A tasty delivery service

Tasty Basket is a new delivery service with an online ordering system that supports local producers.

Edinburgh-based entrepreneurs Ewan Thomson and Tom Sheppard spotted the gap in the market:

“Whilst there are services out there delivering local goods, they lack two things. The option to also order basic household items, and the flexibility to choose a delivery slot. Our concept offers customers a service similar to the large supermarkets, but with produce from local butchers, bakers, fishmongers, dairies and breweries.” (Ewan Thomson)

Tasty Basket launched in January and has new suppliers every week. Pricing structure ensures the customer will always pay 'less for local' than through other retailers. Current suppliers include, I.J. Mellis, The Fishmongers, Charles Stamper, James Anderson & Charles Wilson Butchers, Pilot Beer and Breadwinner Bakery.

Just visit the website and you can select your groceries by produce, retailer or similar by product types. As well as local produce Tasty Basket can also deliver staples like pasta, baked beans, household cleaning items and toiletries.

Tasty Basket offers delivery 5 days a week to all Edinburgh addresses. The minimum order is £25 with a delivery fee of £3.99. Orders over £60 get free delivery.


Breadwinner Bakery

Bonaly Farm Dairy

Charles Stamper greengrocer

Charles Wilson & James Anderson butcher

Welch Fishmongers

Great Grog Wine Shop

Port of Leith Distillery

Edinburgh Tea & Coffee


Pilot Beer

Wemyss Malts

Edinburgh Preserves

Local produce

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