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Pizza Geeks - may the sauce be with you

Pizza Geeks, Dalry

Teenage Mutant Njuda Turtle

If Pizza Geeks was a pizza, it might well be their new special, ‘The Teenage Mutant Nduja Turtle’ (Tomato Base, mozzarella, nduja, red onion), retro, irreverent, colourful, and spicy.

Pizzas at this hole-in-the-wall eatery at the start of Dalry Road are Neapolitan-inspired and the dough is fired in a roaring oven.

The wallpaper features comic book heroes - Thor, Spiderman, X-Men, Superman et al. and there is a Tetris decorated beer pump.

Mr Bite and I feel at home with the retro decorations and although servers and delivery drivers are young and fresh, customers in the takeaway-come-eatery span all ages. I say that to reassure any silver-haired would-be patrons.

The other thing that will attract middle-aged pizza lovers like Mr Bite and me is the quality of the pizzas which are handmade using premium ingredients.

Teenage Mutant Njuda Turtle

Summer Specials

I mentioned the ‘Ninja’ which is one of two new specials that feature this June. Mr Bite loves the blistered base and the spicy Italian sausage.

I choose the meaty version of the vegan summer special: ‘The Hulk’: tomato base, spinach, Vegan ‘mozz’, vegan ‘This isn’t Chicken’, red onion, and pesto. I would never normally choose chicken on a pizza but the shredded poultry is flavoursome and easy to digest. Drinks options keep it simple. I have a large glass of red and Mr Bite has a Lawless IPA from Bellfield. Pilot beers also feature.

We try the desserts which do what they say on the tin – a chocolate brownie from Mimi’s Bakehouse could be much squidgier and the Geek’s cinnamon dragon balls with chocolate sauce are a clever way to use up dough but would be better as a winter snack.

The Hulk

Pizza for the People

Pizza Geeks is a business

with a conscience via their ‘Pizza for the People’ initiative. Since 2018 they have given over 19, 000 pizzas to people in need. For every nominated pizza sold, they will donate.

Pizza Geeks started serving at some of Edinburgh’s street food markets and moved on to other catering events. They now have small premises in Leith and Haymarket.

We suffered a bit of a 'carb coma' after our visit but it was well worth it and we would definitely visit for again for a sit-in or takeaway (S. Wilson).

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