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​NO DIG talk and lunch with Charles Dowding and Fred Berkmiller at l'escargot bleu

Charles Dowding, author, and No Dig Gardener

Fans of French restaurant L’escargot bleu may be aware that patron/chef Fred Berkmiller is passionate about growing his own veg. He has transformed a space at Monkton Garden in Edinburgh which now has polytunnels, extensive composting and No Dig beds.

No Dig is a method that was pioneered by Masanobu Fukuoka a Japanese farmer and philosopher from 1938 onwards. In modern times Charles Dowding is the go-to, No Dig, guru who has inspired Fred. Charles has been practising no dig in his market gardens, has written eleven books on gardening organically and without digging, and gives regular talks and courses on the subject. His methods centre on using compost as a mulch, rather than un-rotted organic matter which tends to accumulate slugs in the damp, British climate. He encourages gardeners to be adaptable in their approach, according to local soil, conditions and crops grown. His speciality is salad leaves.

Fred Berkmiller harvesting potatoes he has grown

At this event, two people who are passionate about the health of our people and our planet will come together to eat a delicious meal using vegetables grown by Fred.

Charles will talk about the No Dig method of gardening and how it leads to abundant harvests. Caring for the soil and feeding it with an annual mulch of compost gives so much life and taste to growing vegetables. Fred will talk about his experience of growing and supplying his restaurant with vegetables.

There will be time for a Q&A session. Lunch will be served, vegetarian-friendly and accompanied by a drink. Tea and coffee will be served.

This event will be of interest to anyone who loves good food and its provenance.

November 26, 2023: 11 am to 2.30 pm at L'escargot bleu, 56 Broughton Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3SA

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