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Nibbles - a Q & A with Virginie Brouard owner of La P’tite Folie restaurant and Le Di-Vin Wine Bar

Updated: May 14, 2023

Derek Anderson Photography

What would you order for your last meal? It would have to be a proper Greek salad with real feta from Greece, the best Greek oil, and of course fresh Greek tomatoes. It’s always been a favourite of mine.

What is your favourite restaurant and why? The seafood Ristorante in St Andrews. I

love it, it has the most beautiful setting overlooking the sea, great food and service. It

is perfect.


What is your favourite bar and why? My place Le Di-Vin. I have managed to create a

place that I love, where I want to socialise and it is my favourite by far in the city. It

is in a lovely setting, good prices, great selection of wine with accompanying tapas

and small dishes.

Most memorable holiday meal and why? It would have to be when I visited Elba – a

Mediterranean island in Tuscany, Italy. I had the most delicious mixed grilled fish and

seafood platter, overlooking the harbour, simple but lovely!

Who would you most like to go out to dinner with and why? The Pope, John Paul the

second and Mother Teresa. I admire them both and they were very inspirational

people to me.

Who would you most like to go drinking with and why? My partner Jim because he is

good company, a good laugh and always great fun.

Derek Anderson Photgraphy

What foods do you most remember from your childhood? Every Saturday lunch, we always had a seafood platter at home in France and also veal escalope - It is so much better in France compared to here. It was a feast and a real treat every weekend. I will always remember that.

What is your ‘go-to’ quick supper? Tomato, feta or parmesan and olive oil. It must be

the best ingredients though. It is always my go to quick snack or meal if I am in a


What is your top food hack? Fresh baguette with brie de meaux – always my top food hack!

If you weren’t a chef, what would you be? I would be a human rights lawyer or an

aid worker for MSF - an international, independent medical humanitarian


Who is your food hero(ine)and why? Always my Mum. We were a big family, the

food was always the best. She must have spent her life in the kitchen. We always

had the best cooked food on the table and I have the most precious memories of that


What is your favourite Edinburgh restaurant and/or bar and why? My favourite

restaurant in Edinburgh is Ondine Oyster & Grill. It has top quality food which is

delicious, the service is spot on, and the setting is perfect. My favourite bar in the city is Ciao at Rico and the quite new bar at Rico’s, it’s a brilliant little place. They have a lovely selection of wine and cocktails with amazing cicchetti.

What is your comfort food? Always chocolate and coffee, I couldn’t live without


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