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Muraba-E-Kadu (Pumpkin Jam)

I was sitting in the car, overlooking the Forth at Portobello Beach in late August watching mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends as they wandered along the prom, sat on the sand, splashed in the surf. At the same time, Kabul airport was being evacuated as the Taliban overran the city, and I was heartbroken that Afghan women were having their freedom and rights stripped. How would I feel if this happened to me? Terrified!

No women were allowed on the street without a male relative to accompany them; there are women who have no men chaperones, how would they survive?

Girls’ schooling, work, and female professions are now under severe threat.

Afghani women were running businesses, supporting the economy, were respected, now they cower in terror. Freedoms they had where they could wear what they wanted, listen to music, meet up with friends in public, has been whittled away.

We’re settling into a new normal, but for the Afghans? They have no normal, they have to survive a regime that has no compassion for human rights or lives!

I’d like to thank Afghan Aid for allowing me to use this season’s recipe.

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Muraba-E-Kadu (Pumpkin Jam) from Afghanaid

1 kg pumpkin 1 kg oranges 750 granulated sugar 60 cardamom pods


● Remove the skin of the pumpkin and scoop out the seeds, then chop the flesh into 2cm cubes.

● Take the zest off the oranges, with as little pith as possible, and cut into matchstick-sized strips.

● Remove the seeds from the cardamom pods and reserve them.

● Squeeze the oranges and, along with the pumpkin, orange zest, sugar and cardamom seeds, put them into a large pot.

● Mix well and leave to marinate for about 10 hours or overnight. Stir occasionally.

● Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer until the liquid has thickened and become syrupy. This can take about an hour or a little bit longer.

● Leave to cool then place in clean, dry jars. Enjoy!

What else is in my basket?

Compassion, kindness, tolerance, empathy, understanding, acceptance, charity, patience, consideration, concern, care, sympathy, humanity, gentleness, thoughtfulness, supportiveness, generosity

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