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Errington Cheese to open farm shop

Selina and Andrew Cairns at their farm in Lanarkshire.

Hot on the heels of scooping three top prizes at the World Cheese Awards, Selina and Andrew Cairns have announced the opening of their farm shop on Friday 9 December.

Cheese enthusiasts will be able to visit Errington Cheese in Lanarkshire, to buy cheese made by hand on the farm.

Selina commented:

“Customers will get to see first-hand how the cheese is made, and it gives us a great opportunity to explain how seasonal changes affect the cheese, the animals and all the other variables that go into cheese-making. We feel this is the perfect time of year to open our shop as people plan their festive cheese boards and are looking for locally-made gifts.”
A selection of Errington Cheese.

The shop is housed in the original farmhouse where the full range of Errington cheese will be available to buy, alongside a few carefully-selected farmhouse cheeses from across the UK. Cheese-lovers will have the opportunity to taste before they buy, as well seeing cheese being made and a chance to see the maturing rooms.

“Over the past few years people have become more and more interested in visiting the farm to meet the goats, sheep and pigs, and to see how the cheese is made, as well as buying cheese directly from us. Before now we haven’t had a suitable space to offer this.” Selina continued.

In addition to cheese, the shop will also stock a selection of locally-made condiments, oatcakes and cakes. There will also be an option to buy free-range whey-fed pork reared on the farm as it becomes available.

In the spring of 2023, the Cairns are hoping to launch a small café adjoining the shop serving light lunches with a focus on cheese and charcuterie boards.

There are also plans to open the farm to visitors in the new year for lambing and kidding days, as well as offering self-guided tours so visitors can gain a better understanding of the cheese-making process.

Cheese maturing on the farm.

Errington Cheese was established in 1985 by Selina’s father, Humphrey Errington, who kept dairy sheep to make Lanark Blue, a blue ewe’s milk cheese. A hard ewe’s milk traditional-style cheddar, Corra Linn, followed in 2008 to make use of the glut of spring milk.

In 2019, Selina and Andrew introduced dairy goats onto the farm and have developed a range of well-received goat’s cheese. Last month, their Blackmount goat’s cheese won ‘Super Gold’ at the World Cheese Awards.

Loved by top chefs across the UK, Errington Cheese is sold to specialist cheese shops, restaurants, delis, farm shops and through their online shop. Selina and Andrew believe the farm shop will help them forge lasting relationships with customers from far and wide.

The farm shop will be open from 11.30am - 3.30pm daily until Christmas.

The planned launch date is Friday 9 December, but please check Errington’s website and social channels for up-to-date-information.

Errington Cheese

Walston Braehead Farm

Carnwath, Lanarkshire ML11 8NF


Lanark Blue – Errington’s original blue cheese made from unpasteurised ewe’s milk. Made seasonally from February to August, it’s sweet and fresh in the spring, becoming stronger and peppery by Christmas.

Corra Linn - a hard raw ewe’s milk cheese made with traditional lamb’s rennet. Matured for approximately 12 months in traditional muslin cheesecloth.

Tinto - a raw milk semi-hard goat’s milk cheese made with vegetarian rennet. Similar in style to gouda and matured on racks for 2-6 months where it develops a natural rind.

*Goat’s Curd - a pasteurised crowdie-style cheese made with vegetarian rennet. Suitable as an everyday cheese to spread on bread or to use in sweet and savoury dishes. A firm favourite of chefs. *Not currently in season.

Biggar Blue - a raw milk blue goat’s cheese made with vegetarian rennet and matured for around 2 months.

Elrick Log – an ashed raw milk goat’s cheese log made with vegetarian rennet. As the yeast ripens, it softens from the outside in.

*Bonnington Linn - a hard cheddar-style raw milk goat’s cheese made with traditional kid’s rennet. Matured on wooden shelving for 6 months to 2 years, wrapped in traditional cheesecloth. *Not currently in season.

Blackmount – an ashed raw milk goat’s cheese pyramid made with vegetarian rennet As the yeast ripens, it softens from the outside in.

*Lancelot - a raw milk ewe’s cheese made seasonally from around March-August. Yeast-ripened and made with traditional lamb’s rennet with a smooth, fudge-like texture when young, which ripens to a soft interior. *Not currently in season.

*Lanark White – originated in 2002 due to demand for a non-blue cheese. Matured for at least two months to develop a natural crust and a sweet, nutty flavour. *Not currently in season.


Errington Cheese was named among the winners at the World Cheese Awards, held at the International Convention Centre Wales in Newport, on Wednesday 2 November. Standing out from the 4,434 entries from 42 countries, and judged by cheese experts representing 38 nations, Errington won the following awards at the world’s most prestigious cheese-only event.

Best Scottish Cheese and Super Gold – Blackmount

Gold Award - Tinto

Silver Award - Elrick Log

Selina Cairns in the cheese maturing room.

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