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Celebrity chef Tony Singh brews up a range of beers.

Tony Singh and Kerry Teakle

Scottish celebrity chef Tony Singh has announced the launch of a range of beers working in collaboration with Scottish Brewery of the Year, Fierce Beer.

Attending the launch at the rooftop bar at the Moxy Hotel on Fountainbridge, was a nostalgic trip back in time, not only for Tony but also for me. Tony started his career as a YTS for Scottish and Newcastle many years earlier and its brewery, now demolished, has made way for the Moxy Edinburgh - Fountainbridge with its stunning rooftop bar, and amazing city views. Meanwhile, I moved to Edinburgh in 1999 to work for Scottish Courage as Brands PR Manager and loved the city so much, ended up staying.

As one of the UK’s best-loved chefs, this is Singh’s first foray into the drinks market. The beers perfectly reflect his vibrant personality, style and his knack for spotting a gap in the market.

Tony explains:

“I’ve been looking to create something different and felt there was a gap in the market for a range of premium beers with a distinctly Indian twist that are great on their own but could also complement curries. I wanted to have a bit of fun with ingredients and flavours.”

Two beers have been developed - an Indian Lager infused with cardamom, and Citrus Pale Ale infused with lemon zest and coriander seed, with the refreshing character at the heart of each beer. Both are smooth and easy to drink, even for non-beer lovers. I wasn’t sure about the beer cocktail though – it was too sweet for me and why mess with a great product. The beers shine on their own.

And just to prove Tony’s point about the beers mixing well with curry, we were served up his crispy pakora, topped with coriander mint chutney, tamarind sauce and spiced yoghurt. Definitely, on the spicy side, thank goodness for the refreshing Citrus Pale Ale, to cool the heat! And if you haven’t already tried Tony’s fabulous Radge Chaat menu, it’s now been served at Bonnie & Wild.

Citrus Pale and Indian Lager

I loved the colourful packaging and striking designs which include a paisley print as a nod to both Tony’s Indian and Scottish roots.

Working with the Aberdeen based team at Fierce Beer, who won 11 awards as well as the coveted Scottish Brewery of the Year at the Scottish Beer Awards last October, means that a distribution network is already in place.

Managing Director of Fierce Beer, Dave Grant said:

“We’re proud to be producing this range for Tony and we feel there’s nothing else quite like it in the marketplace. We know consumers are looking for something different and aren’t afraid to be experimental, so we believe these beers will be well received.”

An initial contract has been secured with the Marriott brand Moxy, who will be the first hotel group to stock the beers, kicking it off in their brewery themed hotel at Moxy Edinburgh, Fountainbridge.

Currently available as 30-litre kegs and fully recyclable 440ml cans, they can be purchased directly from Fierce Beer at

Future plans are already underway to extend the range further over the next 12 months.

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