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Bundits of Leith

Homemade Kimchi

Bundits is irreverently ‘Leith’ as epitomised in the name.

Squeezed between two hospitality treasures, the Port O’ Leith (RIP Mary Moriarty) and Nobles, this Asian street food joint fits the area’s melting pot vibe as snugly as the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Although a large space, Bundits retains a local feel due to nooks and crannies, fast music and friendly service.

It was David Chang, the pioneering New York chef and founder of Momofuku restaurant, who was partly responsible for the popularity of Bao Buns. He put the floury steamed treats on the menu circa 2014 and filled them with caramelised pork. Folk went wild. The buns are sweet and soft with an open-mouthed shape that begs to be stuffed with delicious fillings; at Bundits you can choose from vegetarian, meat, fish and dessert options.

Mr Bite and I visit on a rainy afternoon and are ravenous. We order four types of Bao Bun, Salt and Pepper Tofu, Korean Braised Short Rib, Braised Shiitake Mushroom, and Hoisin Duck. A pot of Homemade Kimchi is pecked at with chopsticks while we wait

I am not a fan of bean curd generally but am keen to get the Tee proclaiming membership of Suella Braverman’s “tofu-eating wokerati” so I give Bundit’s dish a go. The chef has done everything they can with Asian slaw, Hoisin Sauce and Chilli Oil but I still prefer the Hoisin Duck. Mr Bite raves about the Mushroom and the Short Rib. Buns are delivered on a typical fast food tray wrapped in branded paper but the taste sensations easily outwit those of any flabby burgers.

Lemonchilli Cocktail

A Lemonchilli cocktail (Don Q Cristal Rum, Koko Kanu, lime, sugar, coconut water, chilli, lemongrass) also excites the palate with its balance of sweet, sour and hot tastes.

For dessert, Mr Bite pips me to the post with the Banana Ice Cream, Passionfruit Curd, and Honeycomb deep-fried bun but I am very happy with my chocolate and coconut version. A layer of ganache is sandwiched between sugary cinnamon crispy dough which has no trace of heaviness or grease.

We eat greedily at Bundits enjoying every morsel. Definitely, a place to visit any time of the day and there is plenty on the menu to tempt us back soon. (S. Wilson)

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