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Bross Deli - bagels and beer, beats and a bar.

Bross Deli at St James Quarter (picture credit: Marc Millar)

This is the new Bross Deli in St James Quarter, which takes the popular Edinburgh brand and turns it into “not just a bagel store”.

Founder Larah – or Mama – Bross began her bagel empire in 2017 as a bakery and cafe in Portobello, and since then has been seemingly unstoppable, opening one store at a time across the city. The Canadian-born entrepreneur once had hopes of being a Broadway star and, at the deli’s opening night in March, her bright-yellow lightning-bolt earrings hint at her gregarious, to-the-stage-born nature.

Challah French Toast (picture credit: Marc Millar)

Part of the store’s claim to fame is its use of Montreal bagels rather than their New York counterparts. Mix that with Scottish

ingredients, a street culture vibe and Bross’ Jewish flair, and the deli is already living up to the brand’s quirk and all-round deliciousness. Think McKnish, which takes a traditional dish and combines it with haggis, or Matzah Ball Soup (aka Jewish penicillin) as classic examples. (Note: it’s Jew-ish at Bross with a hyphen. Because liberties are taken with said Jewish cuisine.) But here’s the twist: while the showstoppers are always going to be the bagels, Bross Deli one-ups itself. Mama Bross has teamed up with local beer company Brewgooder and Leith distillery Electric Spirit Co to start the party. If you’re in the area on Saturdays and Sundays, it’s well worth stopping by for a beer, “Bloody Bross” cocktail, bagel and a good dance as the resident DJ hits the decks.

Bagels, Beer and Beatz (picture credit: Marc Millar)

We might add here that the deli is open from 8am to 10pm, so while you may want to stop past for the said beats and bite to eat, a breakfast bagel may also be more your thing. Including a “Morning Glory Hole” with facon and latke or “Not the Wurst” with vegan square sausage and grilled beef tomato, both on a vegan bun.

In summary: “We’ve created a menu that brings comfort to the soul,” says Mama Bross, “whether you’re feeding the family from our kids’ menu, finally face-to-face with friends, or want to revive some of that party vibe we’ve all missed for so long.” Final verdict: Go. For a Nice chardonnay, a Brewgooder beer and whichever bagel strikes your fancy. We’re absolutely eyeing out the Challah French toast for our next visit.

For more information, visit or the store with the neon pink signs at St James Quarter or email

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