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Bon Accord soft drinks Xmas product launch.

Bon Accord have launched a some of their soft drinks in Scotmid stores across Scotland as part of the Scotmid Christmas range.

Best sellers Rhubarb Soda and Ginger Beer will be available in the stores in both 750ml sharing bottles and new 4-bottle multipacks for 9 weeks over the festive period.

Bon Accord’s history dates back to 1903 and the business was refreshed in 2016 with a new approach to pop. The range now includes a range of healthier, plant-based sodas and mixers which are 100% sweetened with coconut nectar and real fruit juice. Bon Accord is the only soft drinks company to use this innovative, natural way of sweetening.

The larger 750ml sharing bottles are a nod to Bon Accord’s history when the drinks were sold in large glass bottle formats. The new 4-bottle multi-packs are great for gifting when visiting friends and family over the holiday season.

The drinks tap into the growing market of premium soft drinks geared towards health conscious consumers who are looking for alcohol free alternatives and better quality soft drinks that don’t contain lots of added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Bon Accord has created bold, colourful cardboard packaging for the multipacks that will stand out on the shelf and appeal to discerning shoppers. The packs are also fully recyclable.

The range is available in-store now. Bon Accord Co-Founder Karen Knowles said:

“We are delighted to now be offering both our 750ml and multipacks to Scotmid customers during the festive period so shoppers can pick up a Bon Accord to take to a get-together or enjoy at home.
People are becoming more conscious about what they are consuming and this has been an opportunity to expand our offering. We are delighted to offer our customers better quality soft drinks that feel special and are a credible alternative to sugar laden drinks and alcoholic beverages. “

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