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Bite Christmas Quiz - WIN a family ticket to Dynamic Earth Planetarium Lates

1. Nocellara, gordal, nicoise and manzanilla are all types of what?

2. Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte turned 20 this year, but which of these has not been a Starbucks seasonal drink?

a. Iced Gingerbread Oatmilk Chai

b. Cherries Jubilee Mocha

c. Juniper Latte

d. Mince Pie Hot Chocolate

e. Iced Sugar Cookie Latte

3. What fast food chain is popular in Japan on Christmas Day?

4. This year saw another new addition to the Bake Off family. In total, there have been six presenters and three judges over the 14 seasons. Can you name all the presenters?

5. What smoked dish is traditional for Christmas dinner in Iceland?

6. Match the coffee drink to its definition listed below.

Flat white






  • Double shot of espresso and a touch of foam

  • ⅓ espresso, ⅓ steamed milk, ⅓ foam

  • Espresso shot with a small amount of steamed milk

  • One small shot of espresso with an equal part of steamed milk

  • Espresso shot made with half the amount of water

  • Double shot of espresso

7. The record for the world’s largest carrot has been held by Christopher Qualley of Minnesota since 2017. To the nearest kilo, how heavy was the carrot?

8. What is the traditional sauce to accompany grouse? A. Mint jelly

B. Fruit jelly

C. Tomato chutney

D. Peppercorn

9. Barry Enderwick has recreated over 700 historical sandwiches on his TikTok account @sandwichesofhistory. His quest included a sandwich from 1909 that combined which fruit with peanut, lettuce, and mayo.

10. The hand-rolled pasta “strozzapreti” has an interesting name. Literally translated, it means to strangle what particular vocation?


Submit your answers for a chance to win a Family Ticket to Planetarium Lates kindly offered by Dynamic Earth. Experience your favourite Christmas films in their 360°, 6K Planetarium, in spectacular surround sound. December 18 – 23 5.30 | 7.30 | 9.30 PM T’s & C’s – email your answers to Bite

by the Closing Date of Monday 11 December, 12 noon.

Terms & Conditons

A winner will be randomly selected and can choose their preferred date to attend the family film.

Must be over 18, no cash alternative, judges’ decision is final.

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