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50% off as Vapiano re-opens.

After an extended hiatus during lockdowns, Vapiano, is set to open its doors on 27th September with handmade pasta dishes at 50% off to celebrate.

Vapiano is located just off St Andrew’s Square and will welcome customers back with the 50% off offer running

from Monday to Friday from 27th September until 8th October. Guests can indulge in favourites such as Chicken Alfredo and Gamberetti e Spinaci, or try the newly-created additions to the menu, with the Autumn specials menu soon to launch.

As well as handmade fresh pasta, the menu has something for everyone, including pizzas, antipasti and flavour-packed salads - options available for all allergen requirements. The talented team hand make pasta in-house every single day, as well as Vapiano’s own sauces, dressings and dolci.

Guests can expect a relaxed, informal environment, with a vibrant atmosphere and warm, welcoming service . The team have introduced a whole new ordering style - a simple QR code scan is all it takes to order your food, cooked in the open kitchen exactly as you like it. Choose your favourite pasta shape, customise the sauce and garnish - extra chilli? Sure! No garlic? No problem. There’s also click and collect, takeaway and Deliveroo service.

Andrew Meldrum, General Manager at Vapiano and Edinburgh local, said:

We‘re really excited to be opening our doors again here in Edinburgh! It has obviously been a difficult 18 months but now we are delighted to be back with a new look and concept which I'm certain our guests will enjoy. We’re also proud to have created 35 new jobs".
“The messages that we have received from our fans over recent months have been amazing - we genuinely can't wait to deliver the freshest pasta in Edinburgh”.
“Vapiano’s fantastic location is ideal for post-work and weekend dining or for those simply wanting to jump out of the office for a quick lunch. Our team has been down in London and Manchester training so will be ready and on hand to give the warmest of welcomes and help celebrate our re-opening”

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