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Urban Flame - DIY pizza kits

By Jill Blair

I'm still working during the lockdown, so I've been trying to arrange a treat for Saturday evenings. We've had restaurant deliveries, good steaks from the local butcher, takeaways, but this week was a little different.

Urban Flame is based in Dunfermline and known in the Central area for their amazing wood-fired pizzas from their mobile unit that pops up in car parks etc. at weekends. Their pizzas are really delicious, but then that is down to the care and attention they give to selecting quality ingredients. As it says on their Facebook page, they create "gourmet wood-fired pizza, using the best organic and high welfare locally sourced ingredients". Boy does it show! Locally-milled Mungoswells, organic flour is used in the bases and toppings include organic Peelham Farm chorizo and organic Kedar mozzarella from Dumfries. Their passion for quality, local, ethical produce really shines through in the end product.

And now they are delivering DIY pizza kits for you to recreate their pizzas at home.

Each kit costs £10 and includes:

2x dough balls

Organic Tomato sauce for 2 pizzas

Organic Kedar mozzarella for 2 pizzas

Fresh Basil for 2 pizzas.

Flour for dusting

They update their Facebook page weekly with any additional toppings that can be ordered. We went with an extra portion of mozzarella and a portion of salami piccante. They were delicious, and my teenage son even offered to make them because you're never too old to want to play with pizza dough! They would be great fun to get younger kids involved with cooking and would keep them busy for a little while!

Keep an eye on their Facebook page ( for details of delivery days and areas, they do sell out very quickly. We will definitely be back for more

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