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Prosecco D.O.C.

By Eleonora Vanello

Brits love their Prosecco so much that Wine Events Scotland offers regular masterclasses and events in Scotland.

Diana Thompson, founder of the company and Neil Phillips, Prosecco DOC brand ambassador, both champion and promote this Italian sparkling wine to trade and consumers.

Their latest event involved, also, the participation of Chef Paul Wedgwood, owner of the eponymous restaurant in the Royal Mile.

The original plan was to offer a socially distanced wine tasting at the venue pairing wine from Prosecco DOC producers with Chef’s creations, designed to accompany each of the Prosecco brands. Plan B (due to Covid-19), instead, involved a Prosecco DOC and Wedgwood canapes home delivery supported by a Zoom event.

Consorzio di Tutela Prosecco DOC is the consortium in charge of the management and protection of the Denomination of Controlled Origin. It was founded on 19 November 2009, shortly after Prosecco was recognised as a Denomination of Controlled Origin on 17 July.

The total production of Prosecco DOC in 2019 was equal to 486 million bottles of which 378 million were sold to the foreign market. The two main production regions are Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, the vineyards area extends for 24,450 hectares and it hosts 1,192 winemakers. Out of the thousands of producers, we had the opportunity to taste wine from four different companies: Masottina, Ruggeri, Astoria, and La Tordera. These wines are similar but they differ in the sugar content and blend.

Glera is the basic grapevine used for the production of Prosecco and it represents 85% minimum of the blend whereas the rest can be filled by other varieties (local or international). Ruggeri’s blend includes Verdiso and Perera local grapes for a fresh and fruity taste.

The sugar content makes the difference pleasing different palates. Indeed, you can go for Extra Brut or Brut for a more mineral taste or to Extra Dry and Dry for a more floral one. La Tordera bottle shows on the back label a sugar table to help consumers acknowledge the percentage.

Prosecco DOC wines can be recognised by the State Mark and seal, the Indication Prosecco on the label.

Despite the improvised move from in-person to a digital event, the wine tasting proved to be interesting and interactive with the producers presenting their wines. Wedgwood canapes, with different ingredients and consistency, brought out the organoleptic properties of the wines delivering a unique experience

(E. Vanello).

Check out the regular events at

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