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Ostara - food of the gods

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

By Diana Spencer

Ostara isn't the sort of place you stumble across. Tucked down a quiet street in Leith, you are very unlikely to find it by mistake. However, once you do find it, thanks to a fortuitous search on Google maps or a well-timed review in Bite magazine, you will certainly seek it out again.

The cafe has earned itself a reputation from foodies and locals alike for an exciting and delicious brunch/lunch menu, as well as an excellent range of coffees, teas and home baking. A tasty variety of alcoholic drinks are also available.

We arrived on a Sunday lunchtime. The cosy cafe wasn't yet busy, but most of the free tables were reserved. Luckily, we had also booked in advance and were established in a comfortable corner by the window. We admired the delicious looking menu longingly, imagining the wonders of Biscoff Schmores French Toast, Kimchi Chilli Scramble and Spiced Aubergine Pide. But we weren't here for eggs or Turkish flatbread. We had heard tell of a roast.

The owners have been serving a roast for the last few months. They have even had to start offering the popular special on Saturdays too due to its popularity. Today it was Ayrshire pork belly with roast potatoes, clapshot, tender stem broccoli and a huge Yorkie. We couldn't have been happier. Everything was perfectly cooked and drowned in a rich gravy. The all-important roast potatoes, of which there were a good number, featured an unusual Shetland black potato, something new for me. There was also a side serving of homemade spiced apply chutney, which really brought out the flavours in the beautifully tender pork.

Although the cakes at the side of the room looked amazing, we did not wish to overdo it after such a delicious meal. We were content to sit back with a coffee and admire the local artist's work on the walls for a while.

Ostara is becoming a rather well-known hidden gem, thanks to its incredible food, organic, local and sustainable ingredients, and friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Just don't forget to reserve a table if you want to try the roast.


52 Coburg St, Edinburgh EH6 6HJ

Tel: 0131 261 5441

Opening Hours:

Everyday 8:30am - 3:30pm

Roast served Saturdays and Sundays, 12:30 till it runs out.

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