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Good Stuff from Crolla Brothers

By Lea Harris

The past year has been challenging for all of us on so many levels. We have our coping mechanisms be it gardening, crafting or, as in my case, baking and cooking.

At the beginning of the first lockdown, I baked every day for sanity; bread, puddings, cakes were all on the menu and, unfortunately, on my waistline.

Then in 2021, I decided enough was enough and knuckled down to lose some of my 'muffin top'. Some days have been a struggle, seeing photos of restaurant takeaways, knowing my resolve would flounder if I followed suit.

Enter Good Stuff from Crolla brothers, Leandro and Alberto. They spotted a gap in the market for those who want simple yet delicious food to health-conscious customers, cooked by professional chefs using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.

I was invited to sample some of the dishes, all of which are under 600 calories. Choose from chicken pad-Thai, vegan BBQ pulled jackfruit, superfood salad, various pasta dishes and more. I chose red pesto, and prawn penne and cod with gluten-free harissa crust served with lentils.

A super-smiley delivery guy chapped on my door; handing over my dinner, he commented, "I had a quick peek, and it looks tasty!"

First impressions are good. There's a QR code on the bag that allows you to access the menu and nutritional information . Packaging is recyclable and biodegradable, something else the brothers took into consideration. Pop the containers into the microwave for 3 minutes – ping, and dinner is ready.

Five fat prawns are coated in fragrant red pesto with lots of al-dente pasta. The flavours are punchy but, for me, the carb to protein ratio was to heavy on the former, and there was a lack of vegetables, so I added salad. The cod is perfectly cooked, and there is gentle heat from the spiced crust. Unfortunately, there is an overload of the toothsome, flinty lentils making the dish dry. There are a couple of strips of red pepper and a few spinach leaves, but again it is very carb-rich.

I love the idea of providing a wholesome takeaway alternative for those trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle that's reasonably priced (dishes start at £6.50) with delivery to all EH postcodes.

The brothers have also teamed up with Jake (@jvh_fitness) and Kate (@curvesonkate) from Beyond Fitness Coaching, offering a free consultation for all Good Stuff fans. Contact either Jake ( or Kate (, quoting 'Good Stuff'.

For 20% discount, use GOODSTUFF20

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