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Paolozzi - home delivery

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

By Eleonora Vanello

A new pizzeria, Paolozzi's, has made its mark on the city's food scene despite opening in the unlucky month of March 2020. This is the story of Paolozzi Restaurant & Bar, born from a collaboration between the Edinburgh Beer Factory and Nonna's Kitchen. Paolozzi is the flagship lager of the Edinburgh Beer Factory named after the Italian-Scots sculptor, considered a pioneer of pop-art. The Italian influence is a natural bedfellow for a pizza restaurant. Indeed co-owner Gino Stornaiuolo protects authenticity with a Naples style wood oven. The website is now designed to order pizza for collection/delivery only. A standard price of £12 includes a 330ml Paolozzi beer (or a soft drink) and pizza. The selection is concise with traditional Italian pizzas to the fore. You can also order cases of Paolozzi, Prosecco, and desserts including Luca's ice cream and cannoli.  My Friday night order arrived within a punctual 30 minutes. A friend's, however, took over an hour. Both of us had salsiccia piccante pizza (spicy sausage/pepperoni). The dough was light and easy to digest, but the tomato sauce was too heavy and salty for pizza and combined with spicy sausage; this was overpowering. Consequently, the lager was as refreshing as water in the desert. However, I like the concept of a beer + pizza take away and will be visiting the venue in Forrest Road as soon as I am able. Paolozzi Restaurant & Bar also comes with a side order of goodwill. They currently deliver pizza and beer to NHS staff free of charge on Sundays, and this will ensure I order again. (E. Vanello)  See here for more Covid 19 delivery services See here for reviews of more pizza restaurants. 

Paolozzi Bar 7 Kitchen 51 Forrest Road, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH1 2QP 0131 259 0047 Thursday – Sunday 5pm – 10pm

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