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 Honeyed Apples
Buzzy busy bees and Bramleys Well that's buggered things up! I got all excited about pancakes for this month's recipe only to realise that Shrov...

Chocolate and pear torte from Real Foods www.realfoods.co.uk
Free from: wheat, gluten and eggs, can be dairy, soya and nut free

Coffee Stout Cake
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Cheers! Bottoms' Up! Slainte!  What does June hold in store for us gluttons? Well the 1st is the start of Cheese Week, which will please all y...

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Here's to the Spirit of Christmas and May It Be Rum! (More recipes for December here) Well here we are, the festive season is upon us once again...

Field’s Strawberry and Cream Macaroons with Clotted Cream Ice Cream and Lime Soaked  Strawberries
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Macaroons 100g Icing Sugar, 100g Ground Almonds, 2 Egg Whites, 50g Caster Sugar Strawberry Jam 1. Sieve together the ground almo...

Fragrant Fruit Salad
Lavender’s blue, dilly, dilly!

Kombu Seaweed and Whisky Truffles
New Review
What do Chocolate, Champagne and Seaweed Have in Common? We are now in the last quarter of 2016; where the hell has the rest of the year gone? I'm ...

Ooh Ah, Doo Dah Fondant
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If Chocolate be the Food of Love ... I first came across Edward and Irwyn when they started out, freezing their wee tooches off at the little m...

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