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BABA is a Levant inspired mezze restaurant, charcoal grill and cocktail bar based in The Principal Hotel on George Street.  It is the branchil...

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Peeking over Victoria Street is Hanam’s, a Kurdish & Middle Eastern restaurant which transports you to the Levantine.  Heavy drapes, bead...

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Juicy and tasty!

Pomegranate Express - The Middle-Eastern Affogato and more …
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 Let me introduce you to the Middle Easter Affogato; Cardamom and Saffron ice cream with thick Arabic coffee.  The waitress in Pomegranat...

Souq Middle Eastern Boutique and Arabic Cafe
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Whenever someone asks me what my favourite meal of all time was of course I can’t answer. However, I do quote a memorable one.  Mussels scoo...

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