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What's in Season with a HO-HO-HO! - Boozy Festive Jelly
New Review
As another year draws to a close, I thought this month I'd have a bit of fun. There is some speculation as to what the actual date is for my feature...

What's in Season - The humble cabbage!
Love it or loath it, but cabbage has been a British staple since Roman times. I'm in the former camp; while all my peers at school eschewed the gree...

Dan Ashmore Crab Lover .... I have been told many tales by chefs about moving for the love of their life, Dan is no different. Heading to Edinburgh...

Asparagus! A magical word that gets my juices going. This is the King of Vegetables (we all know why it's not queen); it's seductive, sensuous, prov...

Lime Avocado Torte - Food for Health, with CNM
New Review
Lime Avocado Torte  This special occasion dairy-free gluten-free raw dessert is full of good fats from luscious avocado, coconut oil, and nuts...

Coffee Stout Cake
New Review
Cheers! Bottoms' Up! Slainte!  What does June hold in store for us gluttons? Well the 1st is the start of Cheese Week, which will please all y...

Jam and Crowdie Flaky Puffs
Happiness is like jam, you can't make it without getting some on yourself. Anon I love September; it's the month of bounty and preserving. For thos...

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