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A Room in Leith Seafood & Game Bar
New Review
It was a sunny evening on Leith's Shore area. After a long winter, temperatures had risen and although it wasn't quite 'taps aff', vitamin D starved...

A Room in the West End
Scottish Restaurant under a pub in chi chi William Street.

Scottish Restaurant that is very reasonably priced and above The Abbotsford pub in Rose St.

Angels with Bagpipes
New Review
Couture cuisine

Bisque Bar & Brasserie
New Review
Bisque is a neighbourhood eatery tucked away underneath The Bruntsfield Hotel

Duck's at Kilspindie House
New Review
If you know your history of Edinburgh's restaurants, you'll know that Malcolm Duck'...

New Review
 One thing Edinburgh does extremely well is tiny, cosy restaurants that burst with character, and Michelin-listed Field is an exceptional exam...

Harvey Nichols Restaurant on the Forth Floor
New Review
New Review
Pure indulgence

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