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Ascheri Langhe Arneis, £13, M&S
New Review
Do you need to up your wine game? Sometimes our wine repertoire needs a bit of a reboot, whether you are stuck in a rut or feel a bit intimidated b...

McManis Petite Sirah 2013
New Review
And breathe... After a month of madness; snatched meals served in natty, cardboard boxes or out of a crisp packet and drinks served in plastic; Sep...

Sauvignon Blanc
New Review
The ABC "Anything but Chardonnay” is often heard by people insisting they don’t like Chardonnay but go onto say they love white Burgundy, not ...

Wine  Bardolino Le Fraghe, The Wine Society £10.50
New Review
Like everyone, I go through phases when it comes to food and wine, when there’s a default setting for what I want to cook, eat and drink. When you...

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