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Six by Nico Edinburgh - The Chippie
New Review
The Chippie   Italian-Scots Chef Nico Simeone, known for his Finnieston restaurant in Glasgow, has arrived in Edinburgh’s New Town bringi...

The Dining Room - A La Carte
New Review
Fine food paired with wonderful wine and whisky.  My friend was visiting from Norway and I wanted to choose a restaurant  that was ‘jus...

The Dining Room - Tasting menu
New Review
  After a refurb last year, things have changed at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) with the new Kaleidoscope Whisky Bar on the ground fl...

The Kitchin
New Review
Lunch at the newly extended Kitchin

The Tower
New Review
When The Tower opened in 1998, Edinburgh's restaurant scene was morphing. A new wave of bistros and gastropubs was arriving. Testament to its stayin...

The Wee Restaurant
New Review
Big on flavour

Wedgwood Tasting Menu
New Review
When you hear one of your favourite restaurants has a new tasting menu your mouth starts watering and you know it’s time for another foodie night ...

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