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Dine - It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
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Mr Bite is excited. We are off to Dine, the plush restaurant located above The Traverse Theatre, and we have had great meals there in the past. We a...

Dominic Jack at Castle Terrace
New Review
Three top notch restaurants in one month but all with their own unique style. Norn the punky young upstart, Number One a sparkling Edinburgh jewel a...

Duck's at Kilspindie House
New Review
If you know your history of Edinburgh's restaurants, you'll know that Malcolm Duck'...

Harvey Nichols Restaurant on the Forth Floor
New Review
New Review
Pure indulgence

Market Menu at Dine - Summer on our plates
New Review
Stuart Muir is a talented chef who attained a Michelin star aged just 23.  He cooks top notch seasonal fare with skill and is passionate about ...

Mono - Not at all black and white
New Review
Edinburgh is currently a dream for food lovers with interesting restaurants opening regularly in each corner of the city.   A few months ...

Number One The Balmoral
New Review
 A jewel in Princes Street I doubt many people would book into Number One these days without having a sneak peek at the menu online. My friend...

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Freshness, freshness, freshness.

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