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Bar Brig
New Review
Steak it easy    -  It may be just another manic Monday (starts humming The Bangles here). But that makes it your night for steak, a...

Chop House, Bruntsfield
New Review
Amongst the raft of things that my fussy wingman Mr Bite dislikes are – inexplicably – ketchup and ice cream.  So it’s testament to Chop...

New Review
Saddle up, loosen your belt and prepare to ‘rodizio!’ Apparently chain restaurants are in decline with high profilers like Byron and Jamie’s ...

New Review
In Vino Veritus  Gaucho is swanky; gleaming surfaces, sparkling glassware, glinting wine bottles. The famous Argentinean steak house has joine...

Gaucho - are there any vegetarians in the house?
New Review
Not at our table but it is admirable that the servers ask each diner at this Argentinian Steak House.  I had good intentions regarding the W...

Gaucho - breakfast beats
New Review
Eggs Royale. A DJ. An Argentinian leitmotif.  Dark, classy decor. Four ingredients that may not be obviously linked. Yet, when it comes...

Hawksmoor Edinburgh
New Review
Do the right thing. When the ‘Go-Between’ and Mrs Bite were invited to Hawksmoor we suspected an indulgent night in stylish surroundings. The ...

Kyloe Gourmet Steak Restaurant & Grill
New Review
Gourmet Steak with a Gourmet Girl

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