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La Favorita - the favourite
New Review
You may recognise La Favorita from those bright yellow Fiat 500s zooting around the city, delivering pizza to Edinburgh residents. Well, right ...

La Riva
New Review
Recently opened La Riva Pizzeria in Leith is slightly off the beaten track, but well worth discovering. Tucked down a side street close to Leit...

Neapolitan Pizza Night at Pizzeria 1926 with Giuseppe Pignalosa
New Review
November 19-25 of this year saw a Settima Della Cucina Italiana (a week of Italian cuisine) which was dedicated to a celebration of Italian food aro...

New Review
It's not rocket science If I had a pound for everyone that had raved to me about this pizzeria ... well it was getting silly. I would just have to ...

Pizza Express
New Review
Family friendly pizza Local, seasonal, organic, independent; we have lots of restaurants in Edinburgh that tick these boxes but sometimes ...

The Roman Pizza Project - Pantheon pizza
New Review
  In the past few years, we witnessed a flourishing of pizzerias in Edinburgh: Pizzeria 1926, Pizza Posto, Franco Manca, Razzo, Froth&Flam...

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