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With an experienced international chef, Konkana - named after the west Konkan region and owned by the lady from Kalpna - aims to team Scotland’s f...

Littles in Blairgowrie
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If you need an excuse to visit the bonnie berry toon of Blairgowrie I have the perfect one for you. Little's is an unassuming restaurant on the c...

Loch Fyne
Family restaurant by the forth

Loch Leven Seafood Café
New Review
From tank to table  This lochside gem definitely comes under the category of not really wanting to write about it in case you fail to get a ta...

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Freshness, freshness, freshness.

Authentic Japanese Food, Sushi and Noodle Bar

The Fishmarket, Newhaven Harbour
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There are joys to be had when dining alone. It's always nice to share food and drink but sometimes pleasing yourself has its own rewards. When I ind...

The George Hotel
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I’ve never been to the jail.  Nonetheless it's the museum jail that pops into your head when you think of this West Coast town. Also of cour...

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