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The Campaign Room Bistro at Carberry Tower Mansion House and Estate -   Seasonal, homemade, local.
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It's a sign of a good meal when you finish up by asking for the name of the chef. In the case of The Campaign Room Bistro at Carberry Tower Mansio...

The Club Room at The Dome
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The Club Room is part of The Dome, a spectacular venue on Edinburgh's swanky George Street

The Dining Room - A La Carte
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Fine food paired with wonderful wine and whisky.  My friend was visiting from Norway and I wanted to choose a restaurant  that was ‘jus...

The Dining Room - Tasting menu
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  After a refurb last year, things have changed at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) with the new Kaleidoscope Whisky Bar on the ground fl...

The Edinburgh Larder Licensed Cafe
New Review
 Food with Thought - Are mindful restaurants and cafes a 'thing' yet?  If they were The Edinburgh Larder Café woul...

The Garden Cafe  at The Dome
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Summer in the city

The Olive Branch
New Review
This bistro has a way with ingredients.  They are used in abundance and a signature style gradually emerged as I lunched with my friend.  ...

The Perch - fitting the bill
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The Perch delights immediately with its inviting reception area. Candles, a sofa, and textiles adorn a ground-level hallway and a wooden staircase...

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