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Reekie's Smokehouse
New Review
It's not often I write up a meal and make myself hungry in the process, but the thought of Reekie's has got my stomach rumbling. Where to start? Th...

Restaurant  Mark Greenaway
New Review
Brer Rabbit is on my plate. The dish is mosaic of rabbit terrine, carrot mayonnaise, carrot meringues, roasted hazelnuts, baby leaves and pickled ...

Scottish Grouse and The Glorious Twelfth
New Review
Seasonal Eating at Number One

Smokestack - Back to the future
New Review
The Smoke Stack has changed a bit over the years.  Mr Bite tells me he remembers dark red walls and expensive bottles of wine from the nineties...

St Andrews Brewing Company
New Review
Ye cannae get mair Scottish than a tweed kettle… Imagine Edinburgh around 200 years ago. Imagine Auld Reekie, reeking with the great unwashed...

Stac Polly
The Scottish restaurant

New Review
  Return fare please  Taisteal is Gaelic for journey and ours began bumpy. Public transport had let me down. I was late and Mr Bite was ...

The Apiary
New Review
Birds and bees

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