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The White Witch Italian Food, Scottish Mood
New Review
Restaurants often intrigue me due to their name or location and this was the case with  'The White Witch: Italian Food & Scottish Mood', a ...

The Wine House Hotel 1821
New Review
  What better way to get over a week of dental agony caused by an abscess a four-course Italian meal!    My invite was from The ...

Situated at a prime location on George IV Bridge, with a capacity of 225 diners over two levels, Vittoria ‘On the Bridge’offers a classic extensiv...

Vittoria goes veggie - the original al fresco on Leith Walk
New Review
Sitting in the warmth with the sun on my face, I reflect on how many times I’ve sat in this spot on Leith Walk, watching the people walking up a...

West Room - Cicchetti
New Review
 Have you ever been to Venice? If so you can't forget the architecture, the canals, the beauty of a timeless city but also the Cicchetti. ...

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