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Radici Italian Bistro
New Review
Walking in Stockbridge a few months ago, I noticed an "opening soon” sign for a restaurant with an Italian name, Radici and ever since I had wante...

Tani Modi - From Rimini with Love
New Review
Everyone remembers the Friends episode where Monica and billionaire boyfriend Pete go to Italy ‘for dinner’. Without a private jet and, apparent...

The White Witch Italian Food, Scottish Mood
New Review
Restaurants often intrigue me due to their name or location and this was the case with  'The White Witch: Italian Food & Scottish Mood', a ...

The Wine House Hotel 1821
New Review
  What better way to get over a week of dental agony caused by an abscess a four-course Italian meal!    My invite was from The ...

Situated at a prime location on George IV Bridge, with a capacity of 225 diners over two levels, Vittoria ‘On the Bridge’offers a classic extensiv...

Vittoria goes veggie - the original al fresco on Leith Walk
New Review
Sitting in the warmth with the sun on my face, I reflect on how many times I’ve sat in this spot on Leith Walk, watching the people walking up a...

West Room - Cicchetti
New Review
 Have you ever been to Venice? If so you can't forget the architecture, the canals, the beauty of a timeless city but also the Cicchetti. ...

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