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Copper Blossom
New Review
Men entering Copper Blossom may be required to tap into their feminine side. If you are threatened by florals it's not the place for you.  I w...

Foundry 39
New Review
New kid on the block Foundry 39 is an all day bar that  boasts 'big flavour' burgers, sourdough pizzas and craft cocktails.  The promo pic...

Good Brothers
New Review
Better than good It's always been a game of two halves - apart from a handful of places, me and Mr Bite would traditionally go somewhere that was g...

New Review
This Stockbridge bar/restaurant hybrid has the dining area and bar living quite happily side by side which creates an informal ambience albeit that ...

New Review
We may be a bit behind hipster towns like Portland, Oregon and Brighton, but it looks like veganism is making its way to Edinburgh. New cafes and re...

Henrick's Bar & Bistro
New Review
All change

New Review
Kilderkin’s £1 Pizza Mondays - Get it whilst it’s hot!

New Review
Sometimes you miss the little gems that are just on your doorstep. You wander past without even noticing, thinking to yourself we really could d...

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