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Auld Reekie Tiki Bar
New Review
The age old dilemma. You discover somewhere new. Do you shout it from the rooftops or keep it to yourself? Because, like many Edinburgh basement b...

Badger and Co
New Review
In the sett Badger and Co is a finely turned out gent in the New Town.  Located on Castle Street it rubs shoulders with George Street biggies ...

Bar Brig
New Review
Steak it easy    -  It may be just another manic Monday (starts humming The Bangles here). But that makes it your night for steak, a...

New Review
  Tollcross has always had something of a no-man's land air about it when it comes to eating and drinking spots . Be...

Boda Bar
Boho Swedish Bar in Leith

Camera - Flash and Click! at Camera
New Review
Flash and Click! at Camera Restaurant Sonder, though open only around 8 months, meshed seamlessly into the list of top quality hit-list food e...

New Review
Ringing in the New

Cold Town House
New Review
Who doesn’t love pizza? My dining partner KT apparently.  Despite her foody credentials, she is brimming with such revelations. Okay, a ...

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