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27 Elliott’s  - Salad Feasts
New Review
Browsing  Twitter I came across a book ‘Salad Feasts’ and as fate would have it,  a few days later a fellow Slow Food member mentioned...

New Review
For the past century, Edinburgh ice cream has been dominated by businesses set up by Italian families. And yet what they tend to offer is not ice ...

New Review
You can't fail to notice the ice cream carousel, filled with vibrant fruit sorbets and pastel gelato, it dominates Affogato's window. Stepping ove...

Bluebird Cafe
New Review
Bluebird could have been called Freebird. This unassuming corner spot cafe in Canonmills serves southern US food inspired by the female owner's trav...

Brew Lab - Artisan Coffee Bar
New Review
The Slayer has nothing to do with killing vampires!

Bridgend Farmhouse - Seasonal Food in a Community Setting
New Review
This restored farmhouse stands brilliant white against an azure January sky.  An outdoor area has a pizza oven, workshops and allotments but on...

Bross Bagels - Goy boho chic and heavenly nosh.
New Review
Rewind to 1989. Mrs Bite is sporting big red hair, is wearing a nipped-at-the-waist purple jacket and blousy puffball skirt. There may even be a ‘...

Bross Bagels New York, Montreal, Edinburgh
New Review
Larah Bross stands about halfway up the stairs to Leith Arches’ upper level, a glass of Prosecco in one hand. Her words this evening are improvise...

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