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Coffee Stout Cake
New Review
Cheers! Bottoms' Up! Slainte!  What does June hold in store for us gluttons? Well the 1st is the start of Cheese Week, which will please all y...

Elderflower Cordial

Elderflowers & Roses
Elderflower & Rose Syrup

Lanark Blue with Oatcakes
New Review
We're Glad to Have You Back, Lanark Blue! The past year has been a nightmare for Errington's and the disgraceful debacle over their raw milk ch...

Mackerel Sarnies
One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

Pigging the Pork

Rose Petal Scones
On your marks ... Sick of the Olympics' hype? Normally I would be. Not known for my sporting abilities (built for comfort not speed), I w...

Strawberry and Pimm’s Syllabub
Pimm's O'clock with a strawberry on top! How the hell did that happen? Blink and it's midsummer. It had bloody well better be a hot couple of...

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