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Blood Orange - Forced Rhubarb

Clams - Cockles - Mussels - Oyster - Sea bass - Winkles

Kale - Butternut Squash

Venison - Duck - Pork

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 Honeyed Apples
Buzzy busy bees and Bramleys Well that's buggered things up! I got all excited about pancakes for this month's recipe only to realise that Shrov...

Duck a l'orange

The Glorious Twelfth

Heart Health and Mackerel Pate
From the College of Naturopathic Medicine

How to cook the perfect hearty steak for Valentine’s Day.
New Review
There’s nothing Mrs Bite likes more than a rare, juicy rib-eye. Add some healthy salad or greens, some naughty chips and a good dollop of sauce an...

New Review
Lango lust Did you know that up to 90% of Scottish langoustines are exported? No wonder our island chefs are narked, finding it hard to get hold o...

Ooh Ah, Doo Dah Fondant
New Review
If Chocolate be the Food of Love ... I first came across Edward and Irwyn when they started out, freezing their wee tooches off at the little m...

Pigging the Pork

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