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Devil's Advocate
New Review
Given I was reviewing the Devil's Advocate I debated with myself whether I should deliver it in a very formal, dry tone as befitting a corporate l...

New Review
Of all the gin joints ...

Panda & Sons
New Review
Seek and ye shall find Like some of the other great cocktail bars in Edinburgh it would be very easy to miss Panda and So...

The Last Word Saloon
New Review
It just could be!

The Lucky Liquor Co.
New Review
Definition of good luck - walking along Queen St, stopping and then taking your cue from the large neon arrow enticing you to enter the Lucky Liquor...

Under the Stairs
Sage David   Ocho reposado tequila, sage, green gage jam, lemon & sugar.  

Dine Edinburgh - Spring Cocktails
New Review
Naturally when Alessandro invited me along to Dine to try out their new spring cocktail menu, I jumped at the chance.  D, on the other hand, ...

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