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Amicus Apple
Hardly a secret destination, Kevin Spacey, the cast of Gossip Girl and top premiership footballers have been clocked enjoying an award-winning cocktai...

Boda Bar
Boho Swedish Bar in Leith

Beer with pedigree

Swanky brasserie on George Street

Caley Sample Room
New Review
Thanks to Fred,  editor of CAMRA publication,Pints of View,  me and my trusty wing man Mr Bite found ourselves at this emporium of beery...

Southside Bar with guest ales, whiskies and Belgian beers

New Review
It’s deceptive. From the outside, Hemma may come across as a tad office-y, the cafe-slash-bar located in a glass-fronted building towards the Arth...

Joseph Pearce
Boho Swedish bar with great food at the top of Leith Walk

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