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Baking with Beer
  Do beer and baking go together?  I have some faith but little experience in the combination. My go-to chocolate cake recipe is a ...

Book club bites
  I recently joined a book club. Once a month, I meet with a dozen other ladies on to talk literature. But it's not just books...

Of all my culinary loves, chocolate is undoubtedly the greatest. So a trip to Brussels, the Mecca of choco...

Deep Fried Mars Bars
It's time to talk about that 'Scottish' delicacy: the deep fried Mars bar. I had my first over a decade ago, soon after a...

Last summer, in these pages, I tipped donuts as the Next Big Thing. At the time, I was thinking independent donut shops, full of quirky flavours, ...

Edinburgh Bakeries
Each morning I walk a gauntlet that would challenge the most disciplined of ascetics, passing four bakeries within a few hundred metres. These pur...

Edinburgh Cafes
New Review
Edinburgh Cafes

Hot chocolate
New Review
While I have an enormous tolerance for cheap chocolate, I have little stomach for bad hot chocolate. There is nothing better than a good cup of hot ...

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