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Pantastico Nettuno

 Discovering Franciacorta
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A new wine page for Bite Magazine!  This definitely calls for a celebration, so we thought we’d start with something sparkling.  We...

Bacco Wine
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Imported Italian wines from privately owned , independent producers.

Ciello Catarratto, Sicily,  Various stockists and restaurants,  £8.20 online Art du Vin -  May's suggested Wine
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But most of all it has to be good... This is the refreshing view of most people I've spoken to over the last few months about the trendy new style...

Divino Enoteca, Edinburgh
New Review
Bite speaks to Lorenzo Magnani at Divino Enoteca

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July 2010 Favorita - So my search continues for interesting and unique varietals. Thinking that we all may be a little tired of Pinot G...

Prosecco Power
Whilst many sparkling wines are pretty uninspiring, especially around the not so magical £5 mark, there are also a lot of winemakers around the ...

Sangiovese - Seghesio Winery from the
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In and outside of Italia

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