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 l’escargot blanc bar à vin
New Review
Pigging out Earlier this year I attended a ‘Mangalitsa Dinner’ hosted by Frederic Berkmiller owner of l’escargot blanc and l'escargot bleu Fr...

Decanter - Bruntsfield's new best friend
New Review
Who said Edinburghers were cold and unfriendly? Not in the lovely Decanter Bruntsfield wine bar - so new that the carpenters were still winding up ...

Good Brothers
New Review
Better than good It's always been a game of two halves - apart from a handful of places, me and Mr Bite would traditionally go somewhere that was g...

Le Di Vin
Divine Wine at Le Di-Vin "Wine bar". For those of us who grew up in the 80s this term evokes memories of venues packed with punters dressed li...

New Review
In a basement in Broughton Street is a hidden gem called Pickles. Having been introduced to it by a friend a couple of years ago, I only shared it w...

Raclette at Le Di-Vin
New Review
The cheese-loaded comfort food that’s great for sharing. Melted cheese, charcuterie and a big bowl of potatoes. What's not to like?  These ...

New Review
Spry is sparse and pure like a birch tree.  The new wine bar/bottle shop has Nordic minimalist décor of white walls and wood, int...

The Wine House Hotel 1821
New Review
Winelover heaven Freshly-minted on Picardy Place, this place aims for the sensorial overload of a fine wine. With four lavish bedrooms for those w...

The Wine House Hotel 1821
New Review
 Mrs Bite is no wine connoisseur. She has friends who really know their Meursault from their Musar and friends who like nothing more than a lar...

Wine with Luke Richardson of Le Di Vin
New Review
In a new series for Bite we chat to the people behind the wine lists around town to get the insider track on what’s on the list and what to drink ...

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