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 l’escargot blanc bar à vin
New Review
Pigging out Earlier this year I attended a ‘Mangalitsa Dinner’ hosted by Frederic Berkmiller owner of l’escargot blanc and l'escargot bleu Fr...

Decanter - Bruntsfield's new best friend
New Review
Who said Edinburghers were cold and unfriendly? Not in the lovely Decanter Bruntsfield wine bar - so new that the carpenters were still winding up ...

Good Brothers
New Review
Better than good It's always been a game of two halves - apart from a handful of places, me and Mr Bite would traditionally go somewhere that was g...

Le Di Vin
Divine Wine at Le Di-Vin "Wine bar". For those of us who grew up in the 80s this term evokes memories of venues packed with punters dressed li...

New Review
In a basement in Broughton Street is a hidden gem called Pickles. Having been introduced to it by a friend a couple of years ago, I only shared it w...

Raclette at Le Di-Vin
New Review
The cheese-loaded comfort food that’s great for sharing. Melted cheese, charcuterie and a big bowl of potatoes. What's not to like?  These ...

New Review
Spry is sparse and pure like a birch tree.  The new wine bar/bottle shop has Nordic minimalist décor of white walls and wood, int...

The Wine House Hotel 1821
New Review
Winelover heaven Freshly-minted on Picardy Place, this place aims for the sensorial overload of a fine wine. With four lavish bedrooms for those w...

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