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Wine from The North-West of Spain

Chateau Palmer 1990

New Review
Weird and wonderful grape varietals.

New Review
April 2011   A revolution is afoot in Champagne. The region is poised to undertake the controversial plan to re-evaluate the original b...

Raise a glass any 'ole time by Sandy Ramsay and W'est Wine Solutions

ABC - A Brilliant Chardonnay

Chateau Musar
Make Wine Not War

New Review
July 2010 Favorita - So my search continues for interesting and unique varietals. Thinking that we all may be a little tired of Pinot G...

 Pinot Noir
We've come a long way, baby!

Pinot Noir
Bays of Fire

Pinot Noir
New Review
Get to know Pinot

Wine from South West of Barcelona

Prosecco Power
Whilst many sparkling wines are pretty uninspiring, especially around the not so magical £5 mark, there are also a lot of winemakers around the ...

Saugvignon Blanc
Like Getting Wine Out of a Stone

Night of the Hunter - Glenguin Estate

This country never ceases to intrigue. It shares the ands with Chile and takes the harsh winds from the South Atlantic Ocean. It is rugged...

 Vinho Verde
New Review
Wining with wee ones - It’s July and school’s out

New Review
Funny old Gamay - Get stuck in again.

McManis Petite Sirah 2013
New Review
And breathe... After a month of madness; snatched meals served in natty, cardboard boxes or out of a crisp packet and drinks served in plastic; Sep...

Sauvignon Blanc
New Review
The ABC "Anything but Chardonnay” is often heard by people insisting they don’t like Chardonnay but go onto say they love white Burgundy, not ...

Springfield Estate, Special Cuvée, Sauvignon Blanc £11.99 Waitrose
New Review
It’s easy to fall in to the trap of being so ‘over’ something that you forget that it can be delicious, and that it was over-exposure, or a...

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