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Twenty-one journalists from around Europe travelled to the inner Polar Circle to capture the intense, dark smokiness of Johnnie Walker Double Black - a bolder, smokier and more mysterious expression of the classic Johnnie Walker Black Label.

Acclaimed videographer Sam Pilling has created a dramatic retelling of that experience: inviting viewers to join in the journey.

The video documents a series of intense experiences that showcase the variety of emotions and sensations drinkers experience. Starting in Iceland’s dark, hidden caves, before moving on to an intense ride across one of its largest glaciers and a visit to the country’s famous geysirs, the film reveals the frozen landscape and the wild, explosive natural elements mirroring the rich, charred tastes of the blended whisky.

The helicopter ride across the dark, icy mountains concluded with a feast of intensity said to match the flavours of the whisky; strong, smoky flavours of warming spices and deep fruits including blueberries and strawberries.

JOHNNIE WALKER DOUBLE BLACK is available from specialist whisky suppliers and big retailers in the UK and at http://www.alexanderandjames.com priced at £35.99.

Tasting Notes

Derived from blending whiskies matured in deep charred old oak casks and specially selected whiskies from the West Coast of Scotland with a naturally smoky flavour, JOHNNIE WALKER DOUBLE BLACK embodies BLACK LABEL’s inimitable characteristics, whilst delivering a new, full bodied intensity in the liquid that renders it an unrivalled whisky choice.

This blacker than black blend has been created for connoisseurs who prefer a more intense taste; apples, pears and orange zest add a freshness to the blend, whilst the creamy vanilla and spices bring a softness and sweetness to the tongue. The tasting experience culminates in a warm finish combining spicy oak tannins and lingering smoke.

Expertly crafted by the JOHNNIE WALKER MASTER BLENDERS to the same rigorous standards that define all JOHNNIE WALKER whiskies, JOHNNIE WALKER DOUBLE BLACK is a symbol of the JOHNNIE WALKER pioneering spirit of progress and 190 years of dedication to delivering the best quality whisky.

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