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Fruit and Nuts
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 Honeyed Apples
Buzzy busy bees and Bramleys Well that's buggered things up! I got all excited about pancakes for this month's recipe only to realise that Shrov...

Apple Oat Crumble
New Review
Healthy Eating with CNM

Chesnut and Mushroom Soup
Cuckolds and chestnuts

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Lea’s cranberry sauce

Damson Brandy

Essential Fatty Acids
Essential fatty acids, or EFAs, are needed to support great health but the body cannot make them itself and therefore we must include them in our di...

Field’s Strawberry and Cream Macaroons with Clotted Cream Ice Cream and Lime Soaked  Strawberries
New Review
Macaroons 100g Icing Sugar, 100g Ground Almonds, 2 Egg Whites, 50g Caster Sugar Strawberry Jam 1. Sieve together the ground almo...

Fragrant Fruit Salad
Lavender’s blue, dilly, dilly!

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