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Kung Fu Girl Riesling
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Having recently spent a couple of weeks in the US, I've realised just how big a thing Mexican food is out there, you can't move for taco trucks, breakfast burritos, house salsas and chilli verde. It's (mostly) great, fast, healthy food with zingy, fresh flavours and no pretences. A far cry from the gringo-styled Mexican chains we've been used to over here. Happily, those styles have finally made it to Edinburgh which means it's about time we ditched the Old El Paso and tantalised our taste buds with something a bit more authentico...

Margaritas, cervezas and Bloody Marias (the smoky tequila based alternatives to a Bloody Mary) are the obvious accompaniments to a Mexican feast, particularly with the premium tequila revolution that's going on. But that doesn't mean you can't wash your fish tacos down with a drop of vino, especially when there are a wealth of Mexican restaurants allowing you to BYOB. 

You can get some pretty good Mexican wines these days, but I'm yet to find a readily available one that stands up on price, flavour and all-round deliciousness, and I don't like recommending things just because they fit the theme. Instead, take this Riesling along to the fiesta. A warning, if you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo, you probably should steer clear of French wine on a historical/political basis and head somewhere a bit friendlier.

Kung Fu Girl Riesling

This delicious, white is the cooling mango salsa to a blackened fish taco.  A soft, refreshing riesling, hailing from the United States, somewhere between the in-your-face New Zealand wines and sweeter German styles.  Like a mango salsa it has tropical fruit sweetness and a good dose of acidity, which means it can cut through any sauces and oils and at the same time stand up to chilli and spices without setting off any firecrackers in your mouth. If you think Riesling is a thing of the past, think again, just look at the label.

Around Edinburgh including Bon Vivant's Companion, Vino £12.95 - £14.95

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