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Wild Garlic and Spring Detox

Spring Clean Detox

Spring is the ideal time to lighten the digestive and toxic load on the body.  True detoxification requires a lot of nutrients and so you should only attempt a detox if you are 
well (or under the supervision of a nutritional therapist). Ensure you eat regularly and don't skimp on portions throughout. Choose a quiet week and try the following:

- Start the morning with a glass of warm water and ½ a lemon juiced.  Use a straw if you want to protect your teeth.

- Do some gentle skin brushing before you shower.

- Drink plenty of herbal teas like dandelion and nettle and avoid sugary drinks and coffee.

- Avoid acid forming foods like cow's dairy, wheat, meat, sugar, salt, alcohol and coffee.

- Increase your organic vegetable intake as much as you like, especially the greens!

- Avoid cosmetic and household chemicals as much as possible as any toxic ingredients can be absorbed. 

Seasonal Tip
Wild garlic is also known as 'bear grass' as bears search it out and eat it when they come out of hibernation in the spring. You can often smell wild garlic in woodlands before you see it, between late winter and spring when the white flowers appear.  Every part of the plant can be eaten, the bulb, flowers and leaves, although the leaves are preferred before the plant flowers.  It makes a beautiful soup which is the most vibrant green and leaves you feeling very vital.  Mix with coconut oil, a good quality stock, potato and onion or shallot. It can also be added to salads, risotto, or used to make a pesto to go with fish or game meat.  Please forage responsibly, and from unsprayed areas.

 Recipe for Wild Garlic Pesto here 

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